Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chocolate Cake

So, I am baking treats for our UMW Bake Sale at church and posting my progress in my fb status because Deb has asked me what lovely treats I am creating.

Next morning, manning the table. Too Much Chocolate Cake with Satiny Chocolate Glaze is the first cake sold. Next, lovely older member of our congregation begins to ask me questions about my Rum Cake:
"Did you make it from scratch?"
"Did you use real rum?"
"I'll take it."

Now we are halfway through the sale and a very frantic husband comes to me, "I need the chocolate cake!" I feel that he is channeling Deb through his request. Because I love Deb, I agree to whip together another Too Much Chocolate Cake with Satiny Chocolate Glaze for young Kai's 9th birthday. I hear that a Darth Vadar candle holder was placed on top. Perfect!

I hope the chocolate cake was a success and much enjoyed :)

I read Andry's status update about her baking "Too Much Chocolate Cake with Satiny Chocolate Glaze." And after wiping my drool off the keyboard, I messaged her....this cake must be mine. (insert evil laugh here)

I was at work when said bake sale was going on, so I called my husband and sent him straight fo that chocolate cake. You should know that Andry is quite the gal in the kitchen and pretty much anything she makes is fabulous.

Thank heavens Andry agreed to make another one for us. It just happened to be Kai's birthday and Thanksgiving.....

Thinking about it makes my eyes tear in appreciation. It is a dense rich bit of chocolately heaven, not too sweet. Great with coffee or a glass of milk, or straight off of a knife the next day for breakfast and lunch.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

how it began

I've spent the past decade taking care of others.
So when I turned 40 this year, I decided to take more time to do the things that I enjoy -- more.
I wanted to take more time to connect with friends old and new. I also wanted to do more of my favorite hobby --eating.

So I will start having a lunch/coffee/dinner/dessert with a friend and writing about it.
We'll see how this goes.