Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sharing with my friends and food

Before my boys fall asleep at night, I often ask them to think of something that makes them feel happy. This usually helps them to shake the agitation and frets of the day and move them toward peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams.

My first son would say he liked imagining he was driving a train or flying. If they can't think of anything because they are too worked up, I usually come up with something that I know will bring them peace. Star wars, lightsaber battles, you know peaceful things..

Recently, I asked my 6 year old son, "What makes you happy?" as he hunkered down for a long winters sleep.

"Food. Really good food," he replied.
That's my boy.
One of his school assignments was to write and draw something that Martin Luther King was working toward...

He wrote, "Sharing with my friends and food"
His picture showed two figures battling with light sabers eating what looked like a grilled cheese sandwiches.
I really have no idea where he gets it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little bit of heaven...or just call it Alpine Bakery

If you are a woman, any age, and live in or around the Roswell area, and have not been to Alpine Bakery, get in the car and go there right now.

Generally, whether it be that time of the month, maybe I'm a little down, maybe the sun is shining and the birds are singing and things are perfect, whatever the case may be, I can walk into this wonderful pastry shop and instantly get a smile on my face. Flaky pastry, cream, chocolate and more just seem to equal bliss to me. I do enjoy a good pastry.

However, I have found that Alpine Bakery does have one extra perk going for it that other area bakeries do not have. There is a lovely, blue-eyed, nice looking young man that works behind the counter. Yes ladies, a good looking man AND pastry -- doesn't get much better than that.

This Christmas, I made my annual Christmas Eve trek to Alpine Bakery at about 10 AM to purchase the mini canollis that my family likes to enjoy before we tuck into bed. The bakery is buzzing and I am handed a number as I walk in the door so I will know my place in line.

Fathers, mothers, daughters are all perusing the goods as the counter help at Alpine is hustling to get everyone's orders filled quickly. Then (angels sing here), the doors to the kitchen behind the counter open and Mr. Blue Eyes walks out, pie in each hand and announces to the crowd, "I HAVE PIES :)!"

I'm done. Perfect. Merry Christmas!