Tuesday, December 30, 2008

artisan foods --- Roswell Ga -- Nov 2008

The review and the story got me in the door. The chefs of this little joint in Roswell are a husband wife team. The wife is Japanese. The husband -ahm- Louisiana maybe? Anyway, we walked in and I thought I was back in Japan. There must have been 5 Japanese ladies gabbing at the counter. This was going to be good I thought....Japanese people, as long as I'm generalizing, have razor sharp taste buds. They have an amazing attention to detail in the texture, flavor, color and combination of food.
For me, I had the roasted vegetable sandwich on ciabatta. Hunka had the shrimp salad. Both were quite good. But my expectations, I think, were a little high.
Will I go back? If someone requests it. Other than that....there are other places I must go...

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